Séverine Assouline is a French artist born in 1976, she lives and works in Paris.

In a world in a digital boom, Séverine starts her career at the end of the 90s as an editor-in-chief of a cultural magazine and then becomes an entrepreneur at the early 2000s. She develops a new concept "urban safari" who mixed interactive leisure to a sociological, cultural and educative perspective. 


Feminist activist, she found at the same time the first French feminine network, Cybereles, to promote their empowerment in the digital field. In 2010, she pursues her commitment and initiates the "Power Starter" contest in order to help new feminine talents from the suburbs.


Then, Séverine dedicates her career to visual arts. The main theme in her work is “Alterity”. She questions contemporary signs and "myths" to understand the individuals and, more especially, the tension between our own private choices and our cultural, political and social behaviors. Thanks to her practice of psychoanalysis, her mixed-media practice deals with concepts borrowed from the collective unconscious. She is mainly interested in the paradoxes of attraction and alienation to the natural /artificial and in the mother-daughter and male-female relationships.


Her works have been shown in group and solo shows in France and Germany.  Encouraged by this success, she created in 2017 an artist-run space named e/lAboRaTory in Paris to support local contemporary creation. She curates exhibitions there twice a year. 

©Séverine Assouline, 2019